Wilma McDaniel, Founder of Rise Business Growth:

My interest in personalised health and beauty was sparked a long time ago; I was 13 years old when my Mum left our family home one dreary Sunday afternoon in February exhausted, and returned three days later looking and feeling like a different person.

You see my Mum was and still is passionate about her family, I’m one of four, and she supported my Dad in running their successful business. So, when a good friend suggested she visit a health retreat for the first time she jumped at the opportunity. There, she experienced expertise in self-care in a truly personalised way and our entire family benefitted from the lasting effects on her wellbeing.

That summer I bought the first release of Cosmopolitan’s Health and Beauty Guide and after reading it, convinced my parents that I should study International Spa Therapy and Management. I’ll always be thankful that they supported me to follow that dream as it led to a career that has lasted decades – taking me all over the world working with renowned brands and many truly inspirational people.

Talking of inspirational people my journey in personalised beauty took a serendipitous, albeit slightly unexpected, turn four years ago when I met the co-founders of Cutitronics. Since then we’ve been building our multi-award-winning company, our patented suite of skincare and wellness technologies and most importantly our exceptional multi-disciplinary team.

I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts at the forthcoming Personalised Beauty EU Summit on how transformative technologies (just like ours) can be used to educate, support and unburden consumers to be the very best version of themselves.

I look forward to seeing you there.

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