How brands can make use of technology already in our pockets.

Author: Wilma McDaniel, Founder of Rise Business Growth.

The way we interact with, and buy, beauty products has changed dramatically over the previous decade. The rapid uptake of digital technology has shifted the physical shopping experience for customers, introducing us to a host of online shopping channels and accelerating the need for brands to find new and effective ways to connect and communicate with the customer at home.

Luckily for the retail industry, the sophistication of digital technology lends itself well to supporting this change. With 79% of UK adults owning a smartphone, it’s clear we are a nation of tech lovers – and our passion shows no sign of wavering. The average Brit spends around 2 hours and 34 minutes on their phone every day, flagging the clear opportunity for brands to harness the tech we know and love to make best use of the technology already in our pockets.


Digital applications have become an increasingly important channel used by brands to better engage with their customers. From online banking to home assistants, these handy platforms allow us to manage many aspects of our lives with just the tap of a button. In fact, a recent Accenture survey highlighted that over 70% of consumers believe the use of smart technology in their homes makes life easier.

For skincare brands, apps have been invaluable in enhancing the personalised customer experience. Apps can act as virtual beauty counters, creating a space where brands can check in on a client’s product experience, recommend product alternatives, and create a tailored regime to complement the person’s individual lifestyle. They can also help the consumer comply with product regimes; setting timers, tracking regular use of products and guiding the consumer through a step by step guide for each skincare routine.

Ultimately, apps can help ensure the consumer is really making the most out of their products and, more importantly, feels supported by the brand.


What used to be the stuff of sci-fi movies and tech shows is now moving into the mainstream. By recognising patterns in likes, dislikes and interactions, artificial intelligence (AI) can develop a deep understanding of consumer behaviour. AI is being used by beauty brands to help consumers identify skin issues, signpost appropriate products, and recommend alternative treatments.

What’s more, a key feature of AI is its ability to continually learn and improve. By becoming increasingly familiar with the client’s unique skin features and beauty regimes, its ability to personalise product recommendations will only become better over time.

Pocket-sized experts

Evidently, there are many clever and innovative ways in which brands can harness the technology in our pockets to communicate and engage with the consumer at home. Tech can help brands capture real time consumer engagement with their products, ensuring that consumers see the results they expect from the beauty counter and feel continually supported by their skincare specialist between physical store visits.

This approach encompasses our purpose at Cutitronics; to revolutionise the way that people take care of their skin. By combining our in-depth skincare industry knowledge with cutting edge developments in technology, we are passionate about creating a new ‘best practice’ within the industry, where consumers can gain access to superior and personalised skincare advice from the comfort of their own home.